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New York Employment Services System

Annual Required Trainings

All end users of the system are mandated to take three trainings before they are granted access to the system, as well as on an annual basis thereafter. These trainings are the Cornerstones of Confidentiality, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Training, and the Information Security Training (IST).

Required Training Attestation Compliance (RTAC) will ask you upon login to the NYESS Portal whether you have completed these trainings.

The videos and supplemental materials have been taken from the Department of Labor and the Office of Mental Health training websites. The trainings will have many references to these state agencies, but these trainings are applicable to all providers regardless of disability population served.

Once a required training has been completed, the end user must complete and sign an attestation form and produce it upon request.

Click each of these to perform and download the attestation form: