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New York Employment Services System

Provider Resources

What is NYESS?

  • It is a resource for anything related to employment
  • It is a partner with many state agencies
  • It is a case management system
  • It is a Ticket-to-Work Administrative Employment Network (AEN)
  • It is an employment services data source

Current Providers

If you are a NYESS Provider, you should be using the system to:

  • Record services that are being provided
  • Ensure the coordination of services across providers


Prospective Providers

Benefits of Becoming a NYESS Provider:

  • There is no fee to apply
  • Ticket Program provides a proven revenue source that can complement other funding sources
  • TTW integrates into current business models serving individuals with disabilities.
  • Funding is discretionary, allowing for flexibility with how EN’s can use the income
  • Participating in the Ticket Program and partnering with a state VR agency can also fund ongoing long-term services and supports for Ticketholders.

Becoming a NYESS Provider

To become a provider, complete and attach the following document and e-mail it to NYESS:

Once you've submitted this document, a member of the NYESS team will walk you through the onboarding process. This includes:

  • Creating accounts for staff
  • Completing the required annual trainings to access NYESS

As your agency begins to use the system, it is important to gain the consent to all individuals whose information is being entered into NYESS.

Ticket-to-Work Agreements:

Ticket-to-Work Documents:

  • Individual Work Plan (IWP) PDF File
    The IWP is the agreement between the individual and the Service Provider. It must be signed by all parties, and the date entered into OSOS to assign the Ticket.
  • Ticket to Work Brochure PDF File
    The TTW Brochure is the legal document that allows individuals to assign their Ticket to NYESS AEN. The date must be entered into OSOS to assign the Ticket.
  • Split Payment Methodology Matrix PDF File
    When NYESS completes the payment analysis, the activities provided are linked to a percentage of the revenue. This document provides a breakdown of the percentage associated with the activity provided.