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New York Employment Services System


Operating under a whole-person philosophy, New York State (NYS) has successfully brought together its employment services systems to create a single approach to linking and coordinating employment supports, using the Medicaid Infrastructure Grant as the catalyst. This comprehensive employment system called the New York Employment Services System (NYESS) provides all New Yorkers – regardless of their (dis)Ability – with a single point to access all employment-related services and supports, including job matching with the approximately 90,000 jobs currently posted by employers in the NYS Job Bank.

For more information, download our brochure here: NYESS Informational Brochure PDF File

This employment system consists of the NYS Department of Labor's One-Stop Operating System (OSOS), which connects job seekers with employment opportunities in the NYS Job Bank, as well as a data warehouse of employment-related information operated by OMH. Providers of employment-related supports and services licensed by or contracting with one of the participating state agencies should sign up to utilize this new system (certain providers of ACCES-VR, NYSCB, NYSOFA, OASAS, OMH, OPWDD, and the NYS Department of Labor will be required to use the system for reporting purposes). This new employment system will enhance our ability to improve employment outcomes for New Yorkers with disabilities, and prove greatly beneficial to businesses/employers and providers of employment supports. Among the many benefits, this new employment system will:

  • Centralize employment service/support information, greatly improving the ability to coordinate employment supports and services among multiple providers and across multiple systems
  • Identify individual job seekers' skills, assist with resume development, and match skills sought by businesses/employers for specific jobs with the skills possessed by job seekers
  • Assist with entitlements screening and enrollment
  • Generate tax credit claiming documentation for businesses/employers that hire individuals with disabilities through the system
  • Generate Ticket To Work milestone payment claiming documentation associated with helping individuals with disabilities achieve certain employment outcomes
  • Provide public access to employment-related performance reports generated by data entered into the system