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New York Employment Services System (NYESS) is a unique partnership between OMH and DOL – Disability and Workforce. NYESS supports the employment services system, regardless of disability subtypes or state agency affiliation.

NYESS is at the forefront of Employment First related initiatives.  Our activities tackle major barriers to improve employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities.

Our Services:

  • An online collaborative employment services case management data and tracking system. Built on NYS DOL’s One-Stop Operating System, it creates an employment services record to improve service coordination and employment services data tracking.
  • Ticket-to-Work Administrative Employment Network (TTW AEN). This leverages NY’s unique partnership between workforce and the disability service community to operationalize one of the largest TTW programs in the country.  TTW AEN generates revenue that is reinvested in NY’s employment services.
  • A powerful data system offering providers and policy makers access to data metrics. Stakeholders can use this information for policy development, quality control, and outcome measurement.
  • Work Incentives Navigator and Reports (WINR). This program is the direct result of the Employment First Executive Order. WINR increases NY’s capacity to help individuals receiving public benefits achieve greater self-sufficiency.  The goal is to improve quality of life for people living with disabilities.

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Customer Resources – NYESS Provider Locator Map (Benefits Advisors, NYESS Provider Affiliates), Public Benefits Screening tool, SSA Work Incentives, Benefits Calculator from YTIONLINE (SSI), SSA Red Book, Medicaid Options, Section 301, and NYS DOL Resources

Provider Resources – Resources for current and prospective NYESS Providers, Ticket-to-Work Agreements, and Ticket-to-Work documents
Learning Center – Educational Information, including links to NYESS Required Annual Trainings, General Resources, Ticket-to-Work Trainings, and Ticket-to-Work Resources
Work Incentive Network (WIN) – Resources for Certified Benefits Advisors including training links, and SSA documents

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